Remaster Notice

Pathfinder Remaster

The Guide to Organized Play will continue to be revised as we work to bring campaign rules in line with the Remaster.

  • Visit this Guide page for information on converting characters and adventures to the Remaster rules.
  • Follow this forum thread for update notifications and to report any issues.

Pathfinder 2e Remaster


When considering the Pathfinder Remaster, our intent is as follows:

  • To ensure that players are not forced to rebuild characters
  • To ensure that as much previous material as feasible is still useable
  • To incentivize adoption of the new, Remastered ruleset
  • To provide an optional method to rebuild characters into Remaster rules

Work in Progress

The Guide to Organized Play will continue to be revised as we work to bring campaign rules in line with the Remaster. Thank you for your patience throughout the process. As we find sections of the Guide which might still need further revisions, we will mark them with the following symbol (which links to this page):

Remaster: this section might need updates icon

General Guidance

Game Rules

  1. Players and GMs must use the remastered rules of the game immediately where possible.
    1. Example: Recall Knowledge has been updated with additional guidelines. These take effect immediately at all PFS tables.
    2. Example: The Refocus activity and the focus spell rules have been updated to be more intuitive. All characters immediately begin using these rules.
    3. Example: Monster abilities such as Grab are no longer automatic, but allow a free skill check to attempt the action. GMs immediately begin using this new version of the rules.

Character Options

  1. Beginning on November 15, 2023, if a class has been reprinted in the Player Core, no new characters may be created using its class chassis as printed in the Core Rulebook. "Class chassis" means everything that all members of a class receive; roughly, this means the text in a class description which comes before the list of class feats.
    1. This affects the following classes: bard, cleric, druid, fighter, ranger, rogue, witch, wizard.
    2. Characters with at least 1 game reported prior to November 15 may be built using the Core Rulebook chassis.
    3. Previously-existing characters with at least 1 game reported may continue their progression using the Core Rulebook chassis. They may not use the chassis in the Player Core without rebuilding.
  2. If a character option has been reprinted with the same name, use the new version as if it were errata. No additional retraining is necessary.
    1. Example: divine lance has been reprinted with new Remaster-compatible rules. All PCs with divine lance must update the spell accordingly.
  3. If a character option has not been reprinted, characters are free to use the option as previously printed, or to select it at any time.
    1. Example: the brooch of shielding has not been reprinted. Characters may still purchase and use a brooch of shielding.
    2. Example: the produce flame spell has not been reprinted, but ignition takes its place thematically. Characters may learn either spell anytime they would learn a new spell, and could learn both spells if they chose.
    3. Example: the oracle class has not yet been remastered. Players may still build and play oracles using the rules in the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide.
        1. An oracle who learns divine lance must still use the remastered version of the spell.

Specific Rules

  1. Alignment: Alignment has been removed from the game. PCs and NPCs no longer have alignment.
    1. Edicts and Anathema: To replace certain aspects of alignment, edicts and anathema are being emphasized. These are voluntary and optional, though deities and classes may introduce specific edicts and anathema which are not optional.
    2. Holy and Unholy: Many previously-aligned options now have either the holy, unholy, or sanctified traits. At a GM’s discretion, enemy abilities which previously had the good or evil traits may now have the holy or unholy trait.
      1. Example: A quasit’s strikes previously had the evil trait. A GM may choose to give them the unholy trait, as quasits are demonic creatures. Similarly, a quasit’s weakness to good should now be considered a weakness to holy.
    3. Until a full list of deity sanctifications is published, any deity without published sanctification is treated as “can sanctify to holy.” Any champion may select any of the three Causes of Good from the Core Rulebook (Paladin, Liberator or Redeemer) regardless of deity.
  2. Spell Schools: Spell schools have been removed from the game. “Illusion” remains as a trait, but not a spell school.
    1. Any previous item or ability which relies on the existence of spell schools to function (such as the staff of transmutation) may still be purchased or chosen. However, as spells printed after the Remaster do not have spell schools, the utility of these options will diminish over time.
  3. Ancestries & Heritages
    1. The gnome feat Burrow Elocutionist (CRB) has been removed. Characters with this feat replace it with Animal Elocutionist (Player Core) at 1st level. Characters that took the 5th-level version of Animal Elocutionist (CRB) replace that feat with another feat of their choice immediately.
    2. Some ancestries had a pair of ancestry weapon feats at 1st and 5th level. The 5th-level feats have been removed and their effect (adding critical specialization) is now including in each corresponding Remastered 1st-level feat. Characters that took one of the following 5th-level feats replace that feat with another feat of their choice immediately:
      1. Dwarven Weapon Cunning (CRB 37)
      2. Elven Weapon Elegance (CRB 41)
      3. Gnome Weapon Innovator (CRB 45)
      4. Goblin Weapon Frenzy (CRB 49)
      5. Halfling Weapon Trickster (CRB 53)
      6. Orc Weapon Carnage (half-orc feat, CRB 59)
    3. The aasimar feat Celestial Strikes and the tiefling feat Fiendish Strikes are no longer legal for play. Characters with either feat must retrain it for another ancestry feat at 13th level or lower.
  4. Items
    1. Some items are no longer available for Pathfinder Society play due to their interaction with spell schools. Please see the "Withdrawn Items" table below for a list of affected items as well as information on refunding or replacing these items.
  5. Wizards
    1. Wizards built using the Core Rulebook chassis may continue to treat spells that had their spell school removed as part of the Remaster as if they have spell schools. They must otherwise fully update their remastered spells.
      1. Example: An evocation wizard may still select electric arc as an evocation cantrip. They must use the new damage as printed in the Player Core.
    2. Wizards built using the Core Rulebook chassis may learn new spells printed in remastered books, but they can never treat them as having a school spell if they did not previously have one.
    3. On November 15, 2023, the Runelord boon will be removed from the Achievement Points store. No new Runelords may be created after this date until/unless the archetype is reprinted.
  6. Campaign-Specific Rules and Clarifications
    1. Pathfinder Society characters may not be sanctified to unholy. This is the spiritual successor to the previous rule forbidding PCs of evil alignment.


  1. On November 15, 2023, all characters with at least one game reported are granted one free rebuild. This is a full rebuild; you may completely alter a character’s ancestry, class, background, and any options selected. You may not alter the adventures a character has participated in, nor may you alter a character’s Reputation earned.
  2. Upon rebuilding, your character starts with gold equal based on the Table Rebuild Starting Gold (below).
    1. Alternatively, a player character may sell any and all currently-held items at purchase price and purchase new items as normal.
    2. Regardless of which Remaster Rebuild option you choose, do not re-apply Downtime. Downtime earnings for adventures the character has previously completed have already been factored into the Starting Gold amounts.
  3. If you use this rebuild, indicate “Remaster Rebuild” on your character’s most recent Chronicle Sheet.
  4. If, in the course of this rebuild, you wish to refund any purchased boons, please email orgplayreportingerrors@paizo.com with your character’s name, Organized Play ID and character number, and the boon(s) you would like to refund.
  5. This rebuild must be used before December 31, 2024. A second rebuild of this type will not be granted following the release of Player Core 2.

Removal of Pathfinder Training

  1. As of November 15, 2023, the Pathfinder Training subsystem has been removed. Characters retain any bonus lore or feats they have earned from Pathfinder Training before this date unless and until rebuilt under Remaster rules.
    • Characters who are rebuilt under Remaster rules must remove any bonus lore and feat earned from Pathfinder Training.
  2. The Pathfinder Society has instituted new Pathfinder Provisions to provide all agents with free consumables prior to missions.
    • Pregenerated characters do receive Pathfinder Provisions.
  3. Pathfinder Society characters receive free training in Pathfinder Society Lore (sometimes referred to as Pathfinder Lore) by default under both Legacy (pre-Remaster) and Remaster character creation. Only Legacy characters who selected a Pathfinder Training school depart from this default; click the [+] to expand the section below for details.

PFS Lore After Removal of Pathfinder Training


Editing Choices

Citation Style

As we update rulebook citations, there will be many cases where similar rules are printed in Remaster rulebooks and pre-Remaster rulebooks. Our guidelines for citations in those cases are:

Reference Tables

Withdrawn Items

Pathfinder Core Rulebook Withdrawn Items

Item PageSolution
Anarchic runeCore Rulebook pg. 583Refund for purchase price
Axiomatic runeCore Rulebook pg. 583Refund for purchase price
Material Component PouchCore Rulebook pg. 290Refund for purchase price
Robe of EyesCore Rulebook pg. 615Refund for purchase price
Staff of AbjurationCore Rulebook pg. 593Refund OR Replace with Staff of Protection (GM Core pg. 280)
Staff of ConjurationCore Rulebook pg. 593Refund OR Replace with Staff of Summoning (GM Core pg. 280)
Staff of DivinationCore Rulebook pg. 593Refund OR Replace with Staff of the Unblinking Eye (GM Core pg. 281)
Staff of EnchantmentCore Rulebook pg. 593Refund OR Replace with Staff of Control (GM Core pg. 279)
Staff of EvocationCore Rulebook pg. 593Refund OR Replace with Staff of Elemental Power (GM Core pg. 279)
Staff of IllusionCore Rulebook pg. 594Refund OR Replace with Staff of Phantasms (GM Core pg. 280)
Staff of NecromancyCore Rulebook pg. 594Refund OR Replace with Staff of the Dead (GM Core pg. 281)
Staff of TransmutationCore Rulebook pg. 594Refund OR Replace with Fluid Form Staff (GM Core pg. 278)

Pathfinder Secrets of Magic Withdrawn Items

Item PageSolution
Auspicious ScepterSecrets of Magic pg. 179Refund for purchase price
Chatterer of FolliesSecrets of Magic pg. 181Refund for purchase price
Codex of Unimpeded SightSecrets of Magic pg. 162Refund for purchase price
Guiding StarSecrets of Magic pg. 185Refund for purchase price
Instructions for Lasting AgonySecrets of Magic pg. 163Refund for purchase price
Potion of Stable FormSecrets of Magic pg. 175Refund for purchase price
Rune of SinSecrets of Magic pg. 165Refund for purchase price
Specialist's RingSecrets of Magic pg. 190Refund for purchase price
Spellbook of Redundant EnchantmentSecrets of Magic pg. 163Refund for purchase price
Warding TabletsSecrets of Magic pg. 163Refund for purchase price

Pathfinder Treasure Vault Withdrawn Items

Item PageSolution
Codex of Destruction and RenewalTreasure Vault pg. 111Refund for purchase price
Courtier's Pillow BookTreasure Vault pg. 112Refund for purchase price
Harrow SpellcardsTreasure Vault pg. 112Refund for purchase price
Mask of the Cursed EyeTreasure Vault pg. 155Refund for purchase price
Spellbreaking runeTreasure Vault pg. 13Refund for purchase price
Undertaker's ManifestTreasure Vault pg. 113Refund for purchase price
Warding PunchTreasure Vault pg. 51Refund for purchase price
Whispering StaffTreasure Vault pg. 105Refund for purchase price

Withdrawn Items from Other Sources

Item PageSolution
Heartripper BladeCrown of the Kobold King pg. 115Refund for purchase price
Star of CynosureDreamers of the Nameless Spires pg. 70Refund for purchase price
Sunflower CenserLost Omens: Impossible Lands pg. 81Refund for purchase price
Talisman CordLost Omens: Pathfinder Society Guide pg. 615Refund for purchase price
Wand of Fey FlamesLost Omens: Grand Bazaar pg. 81Refund for purchase price

Note: The above table previously contained the following seven items until December 19, 2023. These items are once again available for purchase; please see their sanctioning notes on the Character Options page for the clarifications permitting their use.

  • Grim Sandglass (Secrets of Magic 171)
  • Desolation Locket (Treasure Vault 125)
  • Ghostcaller's Planchette (Treasure Vault 125)
  • Radiant Prism (Treasure Vault 127)
  • Sanguine Fang (Treasure Vault 128)
  • Wyrm Claw (Treasure Vault 129)
  • Polished Demon Horn (They Watched the Stars 80)

Rebuild Starting Gold

Level 1
1 xp17 gp, 8 sp
2 xp20 gp, 6 sp
3 xp23 gp, 4 sp
4 xp26 gp, 2 sp
5 xp29 gp
6 xp31 gp, 8 sp
7 xp34 gp, 6 sp
8 xp37 gp, 4 sp
9 xp40 gp, 2 sp
10 xp43 gp
11 xp45 gp, 8 sp
Level 2
12 xp48 gp, 6 sp
13 xp53 gp
14 xp57 gp, 4 sp
15 xp61 gp, 8 sp
16 xp66 gp, 2 sp
17 xp70 gp, 6 sp
18 xp75 gp
19 xp79 gp, 4 sp
20 xp83 gp, 8 sp
21 xp88 gp, 2 sp
22 xp92 gp, 6 sp
23 xp97 gp
Level 3
24 xp101 gp, 4 sp
25 xp109 gp
26 xp116 gp, 6 sp
27 xp124 gp, 2 sp
28 xp131 gp, 8 sp
29 xp139 gp, 4 sp
30 xp147 gp
31 xp154 gp, 6 sp
32 xp162 gp, 2 sp
33 xp169 gp, 8 sp
34 xp177 gp, 4 sp
35 xp185 gp
Level 4
36 xp192 gp, 6 sp
37 xp205 gp, 4 sp
38 xp218 gp, 2 sp
39 xp231 gp
40 xp243 gp, 8 sp
41 xp256 gp, 6 sp
42 xp269 gp, 4 sp
43 xp282 gp, 2 sp
44 xp295 gp
45 xp307 gp, 8 sp
46 xp320 gp, 6 sp
47 xp333 gp, 4 sp

Level 5
48 xp346 gp, 2 sp
49 xp366 gp, 2 sp
50 xp386 gp, 2 sp
51 xp406 gp, 2 sp
52 xp426 gp, 2 sp
53 xp446 gp, 2 sp
54 xp466 gp, 2 sp
55 xp486 gp, 2 sp
56 xp506 gp, 2 sp
57 xp526 gp, 2 sp
58 xp546 gp, 2 sp
59 xp566 gp, 2 sp
Level 6
60 xp586 gp, 2 sp
61 xp616 gp, 2 sp
62 xp646 gp, 2 sp
63 xp676 gp, 2 sp
64 xp706 gp, 2 sp
65 xp736 gp, 2 sp
66 xp766 gp, 2 sp
67 xp796 gp, 2 sp
68 xp826 gp, 2 sp
69 xp856 gp, 2 sp
70 xp886 gp, 2 sp
71 xp916 gp, 2 sp
Level 7
72 xp946 gp, 2 sp
73 xp990 gp, 2 sp
74 xp1,034 gp, 2 sp
75 xp1,078 gp, 2 sp
76 xp1,122 gp, 2 sp
77 xp1,166 gp, 2 sp
78 xp1,210 gp, 2 sp
79 xp1,254 gp, 2 sp
80 xp1,298 gp, 2 sp
81 xp1,342 gp, 2 sp
82 xp1,386 gp, 2 sp
83 xp1,430 gp, 2 sp
Level 8
84 xp1,474 gp, 2 sp
85 xp1,534 gp, 2 sp
86 xp1,594 gp, 2 sp
87 xp1,654 gp, 2 sp
88 xp1,714 gp, 2 sp
89 xp1,774 gp, 2 sp
90 xp1,834 gp, 2 sp
91 xp1,894 gp, 2 sp
92 xp1,954 gp, 2 sp
93 xp2,014 gp, 2 sp
94 xp2,074 gp, 2 sp
95 xp2,134 gp, 2 sp

Level 9
96 xp2,194 gp, 2 sp
97 xp2,282 gp, 2 sp
98 xp2,370 gp, 2 sp
99 xp2,458 gp, 2 sp
100 xp2,546 gp, 2 sp
101 xp2,634 gp, 2 sp
102 xp2,722 gp, 2 sp
103 xp2,810 gp, 2 sp
104 xp2,898 gp, 2 sp
105 xp2,986 gp, 2 sp
106 xp3,074 gp, 2 sp
107 xp3,162 gp, 2 sp
Level 10
108 xp3,250 gp, 2 sp
109 xp3,370 gp, 2 sp
110 xp3,490 gp, 2 sp
111 xp3,610 gp, 2 sp
112 xp3,730 gp, 2 sp
113 xp3,850 gp, 2 sp
114 xp3,970 gp, 2 sp
115 xp4,090 gp, 2 sp
116 xp4,210 gp, 2 sp
117 xp4,330 gp, 2 sp
118 xp4,450 gp, 2 sp
119 xp4,570 gp, 2 sp
Level 11
120 xp4,690 gp, 2 sp
121 xp4,862 gp, 2 sp
122 xp5,034 gp, 2 sp
123 xp5,206 gp, 2 sp
124 xp5,378 gp, 2 sp
125 xp5,550 gp, 2 sp
126 xp5,722 gp, 2 sp
127 xp5,894 gp, 2 sp
128 xp6,066 gp, 2 sp
129 xp6,238 gp, 2 sp
130 xp6,410 gp, 2 sp
131 xp6,582 gp, 2 sp
Level 12
132 xp6,754 gp, 2 sp
133 xp7,002 gp, 2 sp
134 xp7,250 gp, 2 sp
135 xp7,498 gp, 2 sp
136 xp7,746 gp, 2 sp
137 xp7,994 gp, 2 sp
138 xp8,242 gp, 2 sp
139 xp8,490 gp, 2 sp
140 xp8,738 gp, 2 sp
141 xp8,986 gp, 2 sp
142 xp9,234 gp, 2 sp
143 xp9,482 gp, 2 sp

Level 13
144 xp9,730 gp, 2 sp
145 xp10,106 gp, 2 sp
146 xp10,482 gp, 2 sp
147 xp10,858 gp, 2 sp
148 xp11,234 gp, 2 sp
149 xp11,610 gp, 2 sp
150 xp11,986 gp, 2 sp
151 xp12,362 gp, 2 sp
152 xp12,738 gp, 2 sp
153 xp13,114 gp, 2 sp
154 xp13,490 gp, 2 sp
155 xp13,866 gp, 2 sp
Level 14
156 xp14,242 gp, 2 sp
157 xp14,790 gp, 2 sp
158 xp15,338 gp, 2 sp
159 xp15,886 gp, 2 sp
160 xp16,434 gp, 2 sp
161 xp16,982 gp, 2 sp
162 xp17,530 gp, 2 sp
163 xp18,078 gp, 2 sp
164 xp18,626 gp, 2 sp
165 xp19,174 gp, 2 sp
166 xp19,722 gp, 2 sp
167 xp20,270 gp, 2 sp
Level 15
168 xp20,818 gp, 2 sp
169 xp21,634 gp, 2 sp
170 xp22,450 gp, 2 sp
171 xp23,266 gp, 2 sp
172 xp24,082 gp, 2 sp
173 xp24,898 gp, 2 sp
174 xp25,714 gp, 2 sp
175 xp26,530 gp, 2 sp
176 xp27,346 gp, 2 sp
177 xp28,162 gp, 2 sp
178 xp28,978 gp, 2 sp
179 xp29,794 gp, 2 sp
Level 16
180 xp30,610 gp, 2 sp
181 xp31,850 gp, 2 sp
182 xp33,090 gp, 2 sp
183 xp34,330 gp, 2 sp
184 xp35,570 gp, 2 sp
185 xp36,810 gp, 2 sp
186 xp38,050 gp, 2 sp
187 xp39,290 gp, 2 sp
188 xp40,530 gp, 2 sp
189 xp41,770 gp, 2 sp
190 xp43,010 gp, 2 sp
191 xp44,250 gp, 2 sp

Level 17
192 xp45,490 gp, 2 sp
193 xp47,410 gp, 2 sp
194 xp49,330 gp, 2 sp
195 xp51,250 gp, 2 sp
196 xp53,170 gp, 2 sp
197 xp55,090 gp, 2 sp
198 xp57,010 gp, 2 sp
199 xp58,930 gp, 2 sp
200 xp60,850 gp, 2 sp
201 xp62,770 gp, 2 sp
202 xp64,690 gp, 2 sp
203 xp66,610 gp, 2 sp
Level 18
204 xp68,530 gp, 2 sp
205 xp71,650 gp, 2 sp
206 xp74,770 gp, 2 sp
207 xp77,890 gp, 2 sp
208 xp81,010 gp, 2 sp
209 xp84,130 gp, 2 sp
210 xp87,250 gp, 2 sp
211 xp90,370 gp, 2 sp
212 xp93,490 gp, 2 sp
213 xp96,610 gp, 2 sp
214 xp99,730 gp, 2 sp
215 xp102,850 gp, 2 sp
Level 19
216 xp105,970 gp, 2 sp
217 xp111,290 gp, 2 sp
218 xp116,610 gp, 2 sp
219 xp121,930 gp, 2 sp
220 xp127,250 gp, 2 sp
221 xp132,570 gp, 2 sp
222 xp137,890 gp, 2 sp
223 xp143,210 gp, 2 sp
224 xp148,530 gp, 2 sp
225 xp153,850 gp, 2 sp
226 xp159,170 gp, 2 sp
227 xp164,490 gp, 2 sp
Level 20
228 xp169,810 gp, 2 sp
229 xp177,170 gp, 2 sp
230 xp184,530 gp, 2 sp
231 xp191,890 gp, 2 sp
232 xp199,250 gp, 2 sp
233 xp206,610 gp, 2 sp
234 xp213,970 gp, 2 sp
235 xp221,330 gp, 2 sp
236 xp228,690 gp, 2 sp
237 xp236,050 gp, 2 sp
238 xp243,410 gp, 2 sp
239 xp250,770 gp, 2 sp
240 xp258,130 gp, 2 sp

Remaster Page History

As this page is intended to be temporary & may change rapidly, this summary history is included for reference.

November 2023

December 2023

January 2024

  • Added material component pouch (CRB 290) to the Withdrawn Items list
  • Added immediate replacement of the 5th-level ancestry critical specialization weapon feats for dwarf, elf, gnome, goblin, halfling, and dromaar (formerly half-orc) characters
  • Revised Player Basics > Ongoing and Permanent Spells section and added everlight
  • Condensed November & December 2023 changes on this list

28 February 2024

  • Added anarchic and axiomatic weapon property runes to the Withdrawn Items list
  • Clarified Removal of Pathfinder Training to indicate PCs who retain the bonus lore from their Pathfinder Training do not gain an additional free training in PFS Lore due to the release of the Remaster (but do gain such free training if later rebuilt under Remaster rules)
  • Condensed January 2024 changes on this list

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