Alternate Downtime Options

Downtime Crafting

You can spend your Downtime to craft a single item following the rules in the Starfinder Core Rulebook (page 235 ). A character must use the skills listed in this section of the book and cannot use the Profession skill to craft equipment. It is assumed that between adventures, you have access to the tools and workshop necessary to craft equipment.

To craft an item, you must acquire the requisite number of UPBs. You can purchase UPBs at a rate of 1 UPB for every 1 credit spent. You cannot scavenge parts from equipment you own or collect during a Scenario. Equipment crafted between sessions is marked on the Chronicle Sheet.

If you have the Master Crafter feat, you receive a 5% discount on crafting if the crafted item is crafted using the Master Crafter feat’s associated skill. You may still craft only a single item during a single Downtime period.

Other Downtime Pursuits

Some Boons allow you to use Downtime in other ways. These Boons will provide exact rules on their use, but often require a character to sacrifice the opportunity to attempt a Day Job check or perform any crafting.

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