Applying Credit

Normally, Chronicles are applied as soon as they are issued. Apply all Chronicle rewards, downtime, and ongoing effects and conditions to the character. This must be done before the character’s next game.

When a Chronicle is applied, the following things happen in order: earn adventure credits, complete Downtime, then earn XP. Downtime occurs before leveling up, which affects alternate Downtime options including crafting. Items may be purchased at any time when not playing an adventure, so characters can level up before making purchases, which affects what items are available.

Chronicles earned by playing a pregenerated character have a few additional rules:

  • Pregen Chronicles assigned to a brand new or 1st-level character can be applied immediately to the character at 1st level or held until the character reaches the pregen's level. Chronicles assigned to a character above level 1 must be held until the character reaches the pregen's level.

  • Pregen Chronicles applied to 1st-level characters gain the following limitations:
    • Reduce the credits awarded to 720 credits if the adventure grants 1 XP or 2,160 credits if it grants 3 XP.
    • Characters do not benefit from any boons on the Chronicle until the character reaches the minimum Chronicle level.

  • Characters receiving credit for pregen Chronicles can earn the rewards or benefits associated with any of their current Boons, as long as those Boons could have been slotted during the adventure. This can also apply to “out of table” boons like Digital Presence or Worldwide Explorer.

Once a PC reaches the level of one or more of their held Chronicles, those held Chronicles are applied immediately in the order in which they were played. Complete Downtime and earn all rewards on one Chronicle (following the order above) before applying the next Chronicle. Downtime checks use the skills of the character who is receiving credit for the adventure at the time the Chronicle is applied.

Applying credit in batches may advance a character multiple levels. The character’s level cannot exceed the level of any Chronicle applied to them, so any out-of-level Chronicles applied are lost.

Leveling Up

Characters advance 1 level for every 3 XP they earn. Characters who are eligible to level up must do so immediately.

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