Boon Slots

To ease player record-keeping burdens, the Starfinder Society uses the Boon slot system. Each Boon slot represents an available space in which a player can place one of their earned Boons; A PC can apply only one of their Boons per Boon slot.

if you’ve slotted a Boon, it’s active for that adventure, and if you didn’t slot one of your Boons, it’s dormant. Every Starfinder Society character has five Boon slots, each of which corresponds to a different type of Boon.

Most Boons include a corresponding Boon type, so you can slot a Social Boon into your Social Boon slot, but not into your Ally Boon slot. This means that aside from slotless Boons, you will handle only up to five Boons during a session—and do not need to sort through stacks of paper in the middle of the game.

Shortly after beginning a scenario, the GM will call for the players to slot their Boons. This typically occurs following the mission briefing, giving the players some information about which Boons might be relevant to the Scenario. In some cases, the GM will actively advise the players of pertinent Boons they may have earned from Chronicle Sheets on previous Scenarios.

Slotless boons don’t take up any of your character’s slots; they are always active. There is no limit on how many slotless Boons you can have active.

Some slotless Boons are tagged as “limited-use.” These Boons grant a benefit a limited number of times, either once per Boon or a limited number of uses indicated by a series of checkboxes. In most cases, you do not need to continue keeping track of a limited-use Boon once it has been expended. Rarely, a limited-use Boon may include additional or altered rules in the description of the individual Boon.

A pregenerated character has Boon slots, though such characters rarely have Boons to use in these slots. If a pregenerated character does have Boons, such as Promotional Boons or temporary Boons granted by the adventure, they can slot them as normal.

Boon Slot List

Ally: These Boons typically represent an ally actively assisting the PC. This could be a hired ammo loader, a dodgy hacker, or a knightly squire from the Hellknights or Knights of Golarion.

Personal: Personal Boons represent a wide variety of special Boons available in the campaign. Uncommon playable species, typically those found outside the Starfinder Core Rulebook, are often accessed by Boons that occupy this slot. The Personal slot often requires associated Boons (such as new species options) to be permanently slotted, so that the slotted boon does not change on a scenario-by-scenario basis.

Promotional: Promotional Boons are unique in that they often represent out-of-game acquisitions that promote Starfinder or Starfinder Society and translate to in-game benefits. For a complete list of current Promotional Boons and associated requirements, see the Paizo Organized Play Perks page.

Social: These Boons often encompass agreements or alliances with in-game organizations or NPCs. The benefits of these arrangements often come in the form of a Boon granted as part of a Chronicle Sheet.

Starship: Starfinder Society Scenarios call out the inclusion of starship combat with the Starship Scenario tag. Starship Boons are most relevant to these Scenarios, allowing for the customization of the standard ships offered by the Starfinder Society organization. See the Starships section for more information on these Boons and customizing ships.

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