Boons That Unlock Over Time

Some Boons allow players to unlock access to character options over time by checking boxes after meeting the criteria. The following additional rules apply to such Boons:

  • Adventure Completion Boons: These are Boons that allow you to check one or more boxes after completing any adventure. After completing a given adventure, you can check off the relevant number of boxes on any one of these boons. Note the boon affected on the Chronicle for the adventure.
  • Adventure-specific Boons: These are Boons which allow you to check off a box after completing a specific adventure. These boxes can always be checked when that adventure is completed, even if using that adventure completion to check off boxes on other Boons.
  • Income-donation Boons: These Boons require the PC to donate a portion of their income. After completing an adventure, you can check off boxes on any number of Boons that require you to donate a portion of your income, provided you can afford to donate that amount. Any Boons that require a percentage donated are calculated as a percentage of total income (including Day Job, if any), not as a percentage of what remains after earlier donations.
  • Downtime-donation Boons: These Boons require the PC to give up their downtime or their Day Job roll. PCs can check boxes on only one of these Boons per adventure.

For the purpose of checking off boxes on the Boons above, 64-page adventures are treated as if they were Adventure Path volumes.

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