Version 7

7.00 -> 7.01 - 4 June 2024

  • Core Guide:
    • Special Cases: Re-added and clarified text on partial credit when players leave a game

6.03 -> 7.00 - 20 May 2024

  • Core Guide:
    • Character Creation: added new always available playable species: barathu, borai, ghibrani, morlamaw, and prismeni

  • Player Options and Tools:
    • Factions: updated Second Seekers Faction information for new First Seeker Sarmak

Version 6

6.02 -> 6.03 - 10 May 2024

  • Player Options and Tools:
    • Boons
      • specified additional Boon rules, aligning with PFS2 Guide (e.g. can't sell Boons, one copy per PC, etc.)
      • specified retired Boons still function
    • Factions: revised Acquisitives flavortext; streamlined phrasing, no longer "newest Faction"

6.01 -> 6.02 - 13 November 2023

  • Rebuilt Guide on new site
  • Core Guide:

Version 5


  • Core Guide:
    • Campaign Leadership: Removed Tonya Woldridge; corrected missing hyphen in Linda Zayas-Palmer's name

5.02->5.03 - 15 September 2022

  • Getting Started: Added a printable Welcome to Starfinder Society section
  • Player Basics: Clarified rules regarding player pawns
  • Game Master Basics: Explained issuing Chronicles better
  • Starships: Added ranges for weapons (and speed and capacity for tracking weapons)

5.01->5.02 - 30 August 2022
Playable Species
As of the upcoming publication of Starfinder Interstellar Species Question, Paizo will use the term "playable species" going forward for what had been called "playable race" in prior publications. References throughout this Guide have been updated with the change. The following pages have been updated:

  • Players: Player Basics, Character Creation, Player Rewards, Factions and Reputation, and Retired Rewards
  • Other: Changelog

5.00->5.01 - 20 August 2022

  • Community Standards and Expectations: Revised 'no Character vs Character combat' rule (no PvP) & included more examples


  • Player Basics: Specify no crafting is allowed during adventures (only in Downtime).
  • Character Creation
    • Clarify that always-available species from Alien Archive do not require ownership of Alien Archive.
    • Specify that any deity or philosophy from a source on the Character Options page may be worshipped (subject to normal access and sourcebook ownership rules).
    • Specify that multiple deities or philosophies may be worshipped, but only one can give a mechanical benefit.
  • Player Rewards: Correct AcP earned for Bounties at Premiere events (1.25 AcP, not 1).
  • Factions and Reputation
    • Add remaining new boons for Advocates, Cognates, and Manifold Host factions.
    • Add one new boon for each Second Seekers faction: Well-Traveled (Ehu); Augmented Shields (Jadnura); Pass the Torch (Luwazi)

Game Masters

  • Game Master Basics
    • Clarify notes on retired boons
    • Add typical XP awarded note
  • Additional Adventures: Specify all Starfinder Bounties are repeatable
  • GM Rewards: Specify GMing one AP volume counts at 2 GM credits for novas

Pending Year 5 notes
Year 5 began in May; notes about what would change when it started are outdated. Such notes removed and any related adjustments made to:

  • Getting Started: The Pact Worlds
  • Players: Character Creation, Factions and Reputation

Minor Edits
Minor edits for typos, grammar, clarity, etc. made to:

  • Getting Started: Welcome to Starfinder Society
  • Players: Player Basics, Playtest Rules, Player Rewards, Factions and Reputation, and Retired Rewards
  • Game Master: Game Master Basics, Additional Adventures, Table Variation and Creative Solutions, and Dealing with the Unexpected
  • Starships
  • Volunteer: Event Coordinator Basics

4.21 -> 5.00 - 5 May 2022

  • The Pact Worlds: Add Minor Factions for season 5: Advocates, Cognates, Manifold Host.

  • Community Standards and Expectations
    • Corrected out of date sentence implying that engaging in PvP awards infamy. Non-consensual PvP is never allowed.
    • Updated Campaign Leadership list

  • Player Basics
    • Clarified that you can buy items on a Chronicle even if they are not normally allowed in play
    • Fixed link to mnemonic editor boon

Version 4

4.2 -> 4.21 - 1 March 2022

  • Player Basics
    • Included in main body of Guide existing rule (limit one companion) from current place in glossary (definition of "companion")
    • Added text: 2- and 3-player tables receive the 4-player adjustments
    • Added text: Bounties do not grant Downtime
  • Character Creation: Added note: see FAQ for more information on species accessed with a boon that have since become always available
  • Player Rewards: Added SF Bounties to typical AcP rewards table

Game Masters

  • Additional Adventures
    • Added information on SF Bounties to Sanctioned Adventures
    • Removed temporary section on revised rewards (for some adventures published before August 2021) since the affected sanctioning documents have all been updated
  • GM Rewards
    • Revised and extended GM Credit text, aligning with PFS2 Guide and clarifying
    • Removed SFS #1-39 from 5-Nova Qualifying list (sunset date: March 1, 2022)


  • Added page navigation links
  • Revised definition of "companion" (not limited to class features; does include purchased creatures)

4.03 -> 4.2 - 1 February 2022
Getting Started

  • Welcome to Starfinder Society: Made minor revisions to character and pregen references for clarity and succinctness
  • Community Standards and Expectations: Added rules for rebuilding PCs when changes are made to "class features for which there are multiple options (such as a biohacker's field of study)"


  • Player Basics: Restored and revised rules on default 2 Chronicles per adventure per player (1 as a PC, 1 as a GM)
  • Factions and Reputation
    • Made extensive revisions due to the elimination of Fame / transition to AcP
    • Re-added Year of the Scoured Stars boon, now available with AcP
    • Clarified that Starfinder Body Recovery is for situations when your party cannot feasibly recover your body themselves
  • Retired Rewards
    • Removed Year of the Scoured Stars boon; reactivated and restored to Factions and Reputation
    • Added Fame boons not converted to AcP boons
    • Added Alien Archive Admittance boon


  • GM Rewards: Listed Nova-qualifying scenarios, including SFS #1-39 sunset as of March 1, 2022.
  • Starships: Restored Tier 6 Drake Port coilgun.
  • Glossary
    • Added Character, Evergreen, and NPC definitions
    • Revised Fame, PC, and Sanctioned Adventure definitions

4.02 -> 4.03 - 11 November 2021

  • Pact Worlds: Added note regarding additional information for each faction
  • Player Basics: Added Note regarding updated Adventure Rewards for early adventures
  • Player Rewards: Updated to reflect transition to AcP
  • Factions and Reputation: Updated "End of Fame" link in first paragraph to point to most recent announcement
  • Additional Adventures
    • Added note that Chronicles for Adventure Mode adventures are assigned at the end of an adventure
    • Added revised adventure reward section to bring early adventures up to similar rewards as later adventures.
  • Starships: Fixed some weapon entries on the Pegasus that referenced a weapon that did not exist

4.01 -> 4.02 - 3 August 2021

  • Main Page: Fixed copy -paste error
  • The Pact Worlds: Degendered text
  • Recent History: Made minor gramatical edits
  • Player Basics
    • Degendered text
    • Added references to AcP
    • Removed a reference to "gold"
    • Added instructions for downloading Chronicle Boons
  • Character Creation
    • Minor grammatical edits
    • Degendered text
  • Playtest Rules
    • Added Evolutionist playtest
    • Updated playtest rules to re-insert the requirement that playtest characters must be single-classed
    • Updated the expected date for Galactic Magic
  • Player Rewards: Degendered text
  • Factions and Reputation
    • Degendered text
    • Added AcP costs
    • Clarified replay boons.
  • Game Master Basics
    • Updated "Where to buy" to include new product lines.
    • Cleaned up grammar and generally clarified "Filling out Chronicle Sheets"
  • Additional Adventures
    • Added: When playing an adventure using a SFS character, the Chronicle *must* be assigned to that character.
    • Added Beginner Box
  • GM Rewards
    • Degendered text
    • Added limitation that a given special can not account for more than three of the 10 specials needed to qualify for 5 novas
  • Table Variation and Creative Solutions
    • Degendered text
    • Added AcP references
  • Dealing with the Unexpected: Degendered text
  • Starships
    • Fixed minor errors on Azata
    • Incorporated Azata into the Starship overview section

4.00 -> 4.01 - 1 July 2021

  • Starships
    • Added Azata Tiers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
    • Added ranges to starship weapons
  • Changelog: Added missing change in changelog 3.00 -> 4.00: The maximum table size has been reduced to 6. (Tables of 7 players are no longer legal. )

3.00 -> 4.00

  • Player Basics
    • Major Changes
      • Players are responsible for Downtime
      • Pregen / GM Downtimes use the skills of the character applied to.
      • Purchased condition removal automatically succeeds
      • The maximum table size has been reduced to 6. (Tables of 7 players are no longer legal. )
    • Minor Changes
      • Negative Condition removal clarified and consolidated.
      • Applying/transferring weapon fusions text added (free at HQ)
  • Character Creation
    • Minor Changes: Characters can pick (named) home worlds from the Veskarium / Near Space
  • Rewards
    • Minor Changes: Added "Boons which unlock over time" section for boons with checkboxes
  • Reputation Boons
    • Minor Changes: Revised Hireling text along the lines of PFS text; Hirelings can only perform recall knowledge checks in combat, nothing else.
  • Retired Player Rewards
    • Minor Changes: Season Boons are Cumulative boons, not capstone boons
  • Game Master Rewards
    • Minor Changes: GMs may not chose mutually exclusive rewards on Chronicles
  • Additional Adventures
    • Page created to host rules for running Sanctioned Adventures, including sections on Sanctioned Adventures, Modes of Play, Character Types, and Sanctioning Documents

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