Character Types

Most Adventure Mode sanctioned products can be played with any character; some products include pregens, and players are encouraged to play those characters for an optimal experience.

Any adventure that can be played with a SFS character can also be played with a SFS-sanctioned pregen. When playing an adventure using a SFS character, the Chronicle must be assigned to that character.

Story Pregens are characters released with an adventure. They often contain ties to the adventure's backstory.

Campaign Characters are characters that are designed according to the GM's house rules.

Ruleset (Mode) / Characters by product:

SFS Characters OnlyStory Pregens RequiredStory Pregens Recommended*Campaign Characters
Society ModeScenario, Quest---
Adventure ModeBountyFree RPG DayBeginner Box, One ShotAdventure, Adventure Path

*To provide the same level of experience, we strongly recommend that GMs who chose to use Campaign Characters work with their players to tie those characters into the adventure backstory.

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