Not every Starfinder works for the Society full time. Some are trained artisans, professionals, or performers and earn extra credits between missions. After each adventure that grants XP, except for Bounties, you gain a period of Downtime before your next mission, Characters who are trained in a Profession can use this to earn extra income.

Day Job: During Downtime, you can attempt one trained Profession check to earn extra money; this is called a Day Job check. Permanent bonuses from class, equipment, feats, species, and theme apply to your Day Job check as they would any check for the relevant skill. Temporary bonuses do not apply to Day Job checks, no matter the source. You can take 10 on a Day Job check, but you can’t take 20 or use the “Aid Another” action.

You gain a number of credits equal to twice your Profession skill check result, per the “Earn a Living” entry under the Profession skill (Starfinder Core Rulebook page 146 ). You cannot use other skills to make a Day Job check. Add this amount to the Day Job box on your Chronicle.

For other ways to spend your downtime, see Alternate Downtime Options.

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