Errata Rebuilds

The following guidelines allow players to update or convert existing characters to use the most current rules. Campaign Leadership may allow additional changes in the case of specific errata.

Class Features and Archetype Abilities: If an errata or FAQ changes an ability score-dependent feature of a class or archetype, you can rebuild your character to its current XP. You can keep the same equipment or choose to resell any equipment that augments the altered ability score at full price.

If an errata or FAQ changes one of your character's class features for which there are multiple options (such as a biohacker's field of study), you can switch that class feature to a different one that your character would have qualified for at the same level when they first received the class feature. Any abilities that have the removed feature as a prerequisite may also be altered in the same manner.

If an errata or FAQ changes a class or archetype so that you no longer have proficiency with a given weapon or armor type, you can sell back any affected equipment at full price. You can also swap out any feats directly associated with the affected equipment.

Feats: If a feat changes or is removed from the Character Options page, you have two options: you can switch the old feat for an updated feat of the same name in another legal source (if available), ignoring any prerequisites of the new feat you do not meet, or you can replace the feat (and any of the old feat’s prerequisite feats) entirely with another feat for which you meet all the prerequisites. If any of the feat’s changes directly reference one or more pieces of equipment you own (such as the weapon selected for the Weapon Focus feat), you can sell back that equipment at full price.

Items: If the price of an item increases, you must sell back the affected equipment at its original full price. So long as you have enough credits, you can repurchase the same item at its updated cost.

Spells: If the level of a spell changes, you must retrain the altered spell, replacing it with another spell of its original spell level. You can also retrain one spell of the altered spell’s new level, but only in order to learn the altered spell. You must sell back any items that use that spell at their current full price based on the spell’s old level.

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