Filling Out a Chronicle

The sections of a Chronicle are detailed below. Sections marked with an asterisk (*) include some element that GMs must address before players leave the table, either by filling it in themselves or asking the players to fill in the appropriate information. Players can fill out other sections between sessions.

Sample Chronicles

  • (A.) Adventure Name/Number: Preprinted on the form.
  • (B.) Character Name: Name of the hero who took part in this adventure.
  • (C.) Character Number:* Unique identifier for the character played, including the player's Organized Play ID and the character's number.
  • (D.) Partner Code: A unique code that identifies the Chronicle. May be used by third-parties to reference the Chronicle.
  • (E.) Adventure Summary: This may contain checkboxes to help remind you which choices you made during the adventure.
  • (F.) AcP Pointer: Where to find Achievement Point totals on paizo.com.
  • (G.) Treasure Access: Uncommon or high level items found during the adventure.
  • (H.) Variable quantities:* Quantities that depend on character’s level or successes during the adventure, such as credits earned, reputation, etc.
  • (I.) Event Name:* Name given to the event on paizo.com. This may be used when an event number is incorrect or illegible.
  • (J.) Event Number:* Unique identifier for the event where the game was played; provided by the Event Organizer.
  • (K.) Date:* Date the adventure was completed.
  • (L.) GM Number:* The GM's Organized Play ID.

GMs are no longer required to sign or initial any part of a Chronicle, even though earlier adventures include boxes for that.

GMs are encouraged to add notes to Chronicles about interesting events that occur during the adventure.

Treasure Access

GMs cross off the high level range items on the Chronicle if the party did not play in high level range.

Variable Quantities

Experience Points (XP): Each Scenario awards 1 XP. Each Quest or Bounty typically awards 0.25 XP.

Credits earned: Each Chronicle lists the "Max Credits" an adventure grants if the PCs complete all encounters and find all the treasure. PCs playing in their level range receive the amount listed for that level range. PCs playing outside their level range receive the amount listed for "Out of level range". Scenarios contain instructions for how to reduce these amounts if PCs do not complete an encounter successfully.

Reputation: Each adventure lists how much reputation to award. Scenarios typically award 1 Reputation for accomplishing the mission you were sent on and 1 more for going above and beyond expectations (for a total of 2 Reputation gained). If the player did not choose a Faction to represent, they gain those 1-2 Reputation with the Wayfinders. Scenarios with the Faction tag often award an additional 1 Reputation with the named Faction(s) for completing their goals.

Fame: Adventures in Seasons 1-3 granted Fame as a spendable and trackable currency. Fame was replaced with Achievement Points (AcP) for all games played after the beginning of Year 4 (May 2021)--including tables of Season 1-3 Scenarios. If the Chronicle has a section for fame, cross it off.

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