GM Chronicles

Game Masters earn GM table credits and Achievement Points each time they GM an adventure. GMs earn a Chronicle once per adventure (unless the adventure has the Repeatable tag), typically the first time they GM the adventure. Chronicles earned by GMing must be assigned to characters when received.

GMs have a few special rules for assigning and applying Chronicles:

  • Chronicles earned by GMing provide full rewards. This includes 100% of all credits, XP, Reputation (including any bonus reputation), Downtime, and access to items and Boons.
  • A GM's character receives credit for the level range they are in when the Chronicle is applied, regardless of the level at which the GM ran the adventure.
  • GMs can choose not to receive a Chronicle for any game they run, deferring it to a future run.
  • GMs can assign Chronicles to characters currently playing another adventure. In this case, apply the Chronicle after the character completes their current adventure.
  • Chronicles earned by GMing and playing count equally for the One Chronicle per Character rule.
  • When a chronicle is assigned to a character who is below the minimum level of the adventure, treat it as if the GM had played a pregenerated character at the minimum level of the adventure.
  • The GM’s character receives Downtime when the Chronicle is applied.

The GM can choose any combination of checkboxes / Boons / rewards that could have been earned by a player. The GM is not limited to the results of the players at any particular table; however, they must select rewards that could have been earned during a single play of the adventure. Boons for specific Faction members may only be selected if the character that is receiving credit also receives Reputation for that faction.

If the scenario requires players to choose among factions to receive bonus Reputation, the GM must also choose one; GMs do not earn Reputation with each faction that could be chosen. The GM's choice can be different from their players' choice.

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