GM Novas

The Starfinder Society offers a GM rank system that uses Novas to represent the activity and experience of a given GM. The novas are visible on the GM's Organized Play ID card. A GM can earn up to five Novas. Earning Novas 1-4 requires a certain number of table credits; earning a 5th Nova has additional requirements. The total number of table credits for each Nova is as follows:

Table CreditsNovas earned
10 Table Credits1 Nova
30 Table Credits2 Novas
60 Table Credits3 Novas
100 Table Credits4 Novas
150 Table Credits5 Novas
with additional requirements met

GMs receive the following rewards based on the number of GM novas they have earned:

  • For each Nova earned, GMs can apply a +1 bonus to all rerolls gained via Boons.
  • For each Nova earned, GMs receive one additional Granted Replay each January 1.
  • GMs with 4 or 5 Novas may be able to run exclusive or limited release content.
Fifth Nova Additional Requirements

A GM must accomplish the following to qualify for their fifth Nova:

  • Report 150 adventures as a GM.
  • Run 50 different adventures.
  • Run 10 or more adventures from the 5 Nova Qualifying Adventures list (below). Except for multi-table interactives, a particular scenario can earn credit for a maximum of 3 of those 10.
  • Complete 3 evaluation games, each in the presence of a different Qualified Evaluator (a Venture-Captain, Regional Venture-Coordinator, or Paizo Organized Play staffer) using the Organized Play rubric.

If no Qualified Evaluator is willing or able to evaluate a GM due to unreasonable travel requirements or similar reasons, the GM can contact their Regional Venture-Coordinator. In such cases, their RVC can designate a 5-Nova GM, a Venture-Lieutenant, or other trusted community member as a Qualified Evaluator for that GM.

5-Nova Qualifying Adventures:

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