Key Terms

What is a Player Character?

To participate in an Organized Play game, you need a Player Character (or PC). You control your character, who will be one of the protagonists in the game's story and can directly interact with the objects, characters, and events within the adventure. You can use a pregenerated character or create your own using the rules in Starfinder Society Characters below.

What is a Game Master?

A Game Master (GM) is the person who presents the story, adjudicates the rules, and establishes the parameters of the player’s exploration. A GM’s duty is to provide a fair and fun game for all involved, including themselves. GMs receive credit as if their character had played the adventure as well as other recognition as thanks for volunteering their time to run events.

What is an Event Organizer?

An Event Organizer sets up organized play games and ensures they are reported accurately. At smaller events, including tables at most game stores, there is no separate event organizer and the venture officer handles those duties. Separate event organizers are more common at conventions and other large events.

What is a Venture-Officer?

A Venture-Officer is a volunteer for Paizo Organized Play responsible for a specific geographical region, online lodge, or other area of responsibility. They set up and assist with regular organized play events in their area. They are also responsible for responding to any player concerns in their area, reporting concerns to higher ranked officers as needed, and ensuring accurate data reporting.

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