Purchasing Guidelines

Between adventures, you can purchase items according to the rules below. When you are in a settlement during an adventure, the same purchasing rules apply subject to the normal limit that the only items available have an item level less than or equal to the settlement's listed Maximum Item Level . You can purchase the following items:

  • All equipment listed on the Character Options page which you have Access to with an item level less than or equal to your character level.
  • All equipment listed in the Starfinder Core Rulebook with an item level less than or equal to your character level + 1.
  • All equipment listed on your character’s Chronicles with an item level less than or equal to your character level + 2.
  • All items and services purchased with Achievement Points (AcP).

All Starfinders also have access to the Tetrad Certified Translator.

Your character has access to items which are listed on one of their Chronicles and not crossed off. You must still follow the normal rules for resource ownership (see the Character Options page).

Infamy can reduce a character’s effective level when purchasing items.

Magic, hybrid, and technological items that can be used less often than once per day (such as once per week or once per month and so on) are considered to be usable once per adventure.

Spellcasting Services

Provided you are in a settlement, you may purchase spellcasting services with a level up to half the settlement’s Maximum Item Level.
Follow the normal rules and costs for purchasing spellcasting services with credits in the Starfinder Core Rulebook (pages 234-235). You can also use Achievement Points to purchase spellcasting services, which are listed individually by spell.

Purchased spellcasting is assumed to be cast using the minimum caster level. Spells without a level, such as miracle and wish, cannot be purchased as a spellcasting service.

PCs can never purchase the traveling service of a spellcaster.

No PC to PC Exchanges

In Starfinder Society play, you can never permanently transfer items or credits between PCs, but you can lend items to another PC for the duration of an adventure. Borrowed items are returned at the end of the adventure in whatever condition they are in at the end of the adventure. This means a PC cannot buy, sell, trade, or donate items to another PC. This rule does not affect the ability of PCs to pool their credits for group purchases or removing afflictions.

Applying and Transferring Fusions

The Society has specialists at the Lorespire Complex trained in Mysticism who can apply or swap out fusions for agents of the Starfinder Society. This service is free but is only available before the briefing or once the adventure is complete unless stated in the adventure. Only the service is free; characters must still pay the normal cost for transferring the fusion.

Selling Gear

All gear is sold back for 10% of the credits the character originally paid. Partially used consumables cannot be sold back. A pregenerated character's gear can never be sold.

Recording Purchases

All purchases must be recorded on a Chronicle Sheet or on a separate record tracker.

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