Rebuilding Characters

When rebuilding your character in any way, you must describe all changes on your next Chronicle. You can never create a character using Rebuilding or Retraining that you could not build without it.

Level 1 Free Rebuilds

After playing a new character, you might find aspects of your character you would like to change. Don’t worry! Until you play a game in which your character starts with 3 or more XP, you can rebuild any aspect of your character. If this would change the character’s equipment, you can sell back equipment at 100% of credits paid. This otherwise follows the rules for Selling Gear. The character retains their Reputation earned and character number.

For retraining options available once your character reaches 3 or more XP, see Player Options: Retraining Characters.

Rules Changes

The Starfinder Roleplaying Game is a living game, and sometimes game elements change over the course of a PC’s career. To reduce confusion, rule changes announced during a gaming event do not take effect until after the event ends. If an errata changes an element of your character, you may be eligible for a partial rebuild. See Errata Rebuilds for more details.

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