Replaying Adventures

By default, each player can receive up to two Chronicles for a given adventure: one for playing the adventure and one for running the adventure as the GM. Players can play each adventure once and GM it as many times as they like. GMing an adventure contributes to GM Nova rewards and earns AcP even when it does not award a Chronicle.

Ways to Replay

There are several ways to replay adventures:

Adventures with the Repeatable tag: Adventures with the Repeatable tag can be played any number of times, with a different character each time. Unlike other adventures, they also grant a Chronicle every time they are GMed.

Seeker of Knowledge boon: The Second Seekers (Ehu) and Second Seekers (Jadnura) Factions grant Access to the Seeker of Knowledge Boon, which allows a limited number of replays. They are functionally a single Boon; you cannot gain double the replays by gaining the Boon from each faction. See the Boon text for details.

Granted and purchased Replays: All players are granted 2 Replays after their first game. Each January 1st, GMs are granted 1 additional Replay for each Nova they have earned up to that point. Additional replays can be purchased from the AcP Boon Store on paizo.com. Players must have or purchase a Replay prior to completion and reporting of the Scenario they are replaying.

Granted and purchased Replays can only be used on sanctioned content that is Scenario-length or shorter. Each granted or purchased Replay allows one replay of an adventure you have already played as though that adventure had the Repeatable tag.

Replaying for no credit: This is only allowed if the alternative is for the table not to play. Players must record any items or resources expended and may be given a blank Chronicle for this purpose. This is an exception to the rule that you cannot assign more than one copy of a single adventure's Chronicle to a given character.

Rules for Replaying

One Chronicle per Character: Each character can only earn one copy of a Chronicle for any single adventure. You cannot replay an adventure for credit with a character that has already received credit for that adventure.

Notify the GM: Inform the GM that you have already played the adventure or run it as a GM. Although GMs are asked to be flexible, the GM maintains the right to deny running the adventure for you if they feel uncomfortable running the event for players who have foreknowledge of the story.

No Spoilers: When you are replaying an adventure, avoid spoiling the adventure’s plot or using insider information to affect gameplay. Doing so can be grounds for the GM to remove you from the table. In general, be mindful in separating player knowledge from character knowledge, and if you are uncertain how to proceed, speak privately with the GM to determine the best course of action.

Reporting and Rewards for Replaying

Replays of repeatable adventures or using granted or purchased Replays earn rewards for the playthrough normally; that is, they earn a Chronicle and the same rewards a first-time player would earn. They get access to any Boons and items on the Chronicle, as well as currency, XP, and Reputation, all subject to the outcome of the adventure.

When reporting an adventure replayed using a granted or purchased Replay, the GM checks the “Consume Replay” box next to the character’s information so they earn full credit.

GMs do not record or report Organized Play numbers of players replaying for no credit.

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