Remaster Notice

Pathfinder Remaster

The Guide to Organized Play will continue to be revised as we work to bring campaign rules in line with the Remaster.

  • Visit this Guide page for information on converting characters and adventures to the Remaster rules.
  • Follow this forum thread for update notifications and to report any issues.

No Character-versus-Character Combat

In keeping with the “Explore, Report, Cooperate” motto of the Starfinder and Pathfinder Societies, engaging in non-consensual character-versus-character conflict is prohibited. Players must obtain the consent of other players before taking an action that would intentionally include another Player Character in a damaging effect or other or harmful effect (such as effects that impose negative conditions).

Some examples include casting a harmful spell on another Player Character or an area that includes them, throwing a weapon with the explode property that would deal damage to another Player Character, or moving closer to another Player Character while surrounded by a harmful emanation in a way that exposes them to its effects.

This rule does not apply in situations where a character is not acting of their own free will, such as if they’re being mind-controlled by an NPC and forced to attack a fellow Starfinder or Pathfinder.

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