Remaster Notice

Pathfinder Remaster

The Guide to Organized Play will continue to be revised as we work to bring campaign rules in line with the Remaster.

  • Visit this Guide page for information on converting characters and adventures to the Remaster rules.
  • Follow this forum thread for update notifications and to report any issues.

Run As Written

The Paizo Organized Play program strives to provide a fun, engaging, consistent experience at all tables. GMs must run Paizo Organized Play adventures as written, which means:

  • No change to major plot points and interactions
  • No addition or subtraction to the number of monsters other than scaling directed by the Scenario
  • No alteration to the DCs or Results of Hazards or Skill Checks defined in the Scenario.
  • No changes to armor, feats, items, skills, spells, statistics, traits, or weapons.
  • No alteration of mechanics of player characters, or the Scenario including penalties due to weather, terrain or hazards.
  • No banning of legal character options

Beyond the above, GMs are encouraged to make choices that would result in the most enjoyable play experience for everyone at the table and that emphasize PCs are the heroes of the story. (See GM Discretion for discussion and examples.)

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