Remaster Notice

Pathfinder Remaster

The Guide to Organized Play will continue to be revised as we work to bring campaign rules in line with the Remaster.

  • Visit this Guide page for information on converting characters and adventures to the Remaster rules.
  • Follow this forum thread for update notifications and to report any issues.

Level Ranges

In a typical home game, the PCs are all the same level and face challenges tailored to their level. In Organized Play, more flexibility is necessary so characters of different levels can participate smoothly in the same adventure. Each adventure lists the character levels that are eligible to play it, as well one or more level ranges within the adventure.

If an adventure has more than 2 level ranges, each table must choose 2 adjacent level ranges for that adventure. Only characters whose level falls within those two level ranges can play at that table. This rule is primarily applicable to multi-table interactive special Scenarios.

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