Remaster Notice

Pathfinder Remaster

The Guide to Organized Play will continue to be revised as we work to bring campaign rules in line with the Remaster.

  • Visit this Guide page for information on converting characters and adventures to the Remaster rules.
  • Follow this forum thread for update notifications and to report any issues.

Run As Written

The Paizo Organized Play program strives to provide a fun, engaging, consistent experience at all tables. GMs are required to run Paizo Organized Play adventures as written, which means:

  • No changes to major plot points and interactions
  • No addition or subtraction to the number of monsters other than scaling directed by the adventure
  • No changes to the DCs or results of hazards or skill checks defined in the adventure
  • No changes to the mechanics of the adventure, including penalties due to weather, terrain or hazards
  • No changes to armor, feats, items, skills, spells, statistics, traits, or weapons
  • No changes to the mechanics of player character options
  • No banning of legal character options

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