About Adventures

There are two types of adventures written for the Starfinder Society campaign:

  • Starfinder Quests: 1-hour adventures often used as introductions to the game.

  • Starfinder Society Scenarios: 4–5 hour adventures that each present a single episode in a continuing story.

Rules for additional types of adventures can be found in GM Options: Additional Adventures.

Level Ranges

In a typical home game, the PCs are all the same level and face challenges tailored to their level. In Organized Play, more flexibility is necessary so characters of different levels can participate smoothly in the same adventure. Each adventure lists the character levels that are eligible to play it, as well one or more level ranges within the adventure.

If an adventure has more than 2 level ranges, each table must choose 2 adjacent level ranges for that adventure. Only characters whose level falls within those two level ranges can play at that table. This rule is primarily applicable to multi-table interactive special Scenarios.

Scenario Tags

Starfinder Society adventures use a set of tags (labels) to highlight properties of the adventure as follows:

  • Exclusive: Scenarios with this tag have running requirements outside the standard one table environment. Scenarios with this tag include specific rules on who is eligible to run it and where and how it can be run.
  • Faction: Scenarios with this tag address the listed faction's goals and may grant additional reputation with a faction.
  • Mech: Scenarios with this tag indicate that the associated Scenario includes some form of Mech combat.
  • Metaplot: Scenarios with this tag are directly connected to a larger plot arc, typically the major plot throughline of a particular Season of Starfinder Society adventures.
  • Nova: Scenarios with this tag contribute to the GM 5 Nova requirements.
  • Quest: This tag indicates the associated product is a single Quest or a Quest pack.
  • Repeatable: Players and GMs may receive credit for Scenarios with this tag an unlimited number of times, though characters can still only receive credit once for a given Scenario.
  • Starship: This tag indicates the associated Scenario includes some form of the starship combat rules in the Starfinder Core Rulebook (Chapter 9 ).
  • Survival: This tag indicates the players will benefit from skills and abilities relating to survival while cut off from outside resources.
  • Vehicle: Scenarios with this tag indicate that the associated Scenario includes some form of vehicle combat or vehicle chase.

Starfinder Society adventures are written for four to six PCs.

Maximum Table: Tables cannot have seven or more players.

Minimum Table: A GM can run a table with two or three players in some situations. In those cases, all four-player adjustments written into the adventure still apply. See Adjusting the Adventure for details.

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