Ongoing Effects

All spells and effects end at the end of an adventure with the following exceptions:

  • Spells and effects with permanent or instantaneous duration that heal damage, repair damage, or remove harmful conditions remain in effect at the end of the adventure.
  • Afflictions and harmful conditions obtained during an adventure remain until healed and carry over from adventure to adventure.
Ongoing Afflictions

During an adventure, a character might gain afflictions or harmful conditions such as curses, diseases, poison, or death. Any permanent afflictions must be cleared from the character before the end of the adventure or the character ceases to be available for organized play and must be marked dead by the GM.

Exceptions include permanent negative levels, ability drain that does not reduce an ability score to 0, permanent blindness or deafness, and conditions that impose no mechanical effect. These must be recorded on the character’s Chronicle Sheet.

Affliction removal applies to pregenerated characters. Any unresolved afflictions on a pregen carry over to the Starfinder Society character receiving credit for the adventure. If that means the character would be marked dead, they are marked dead immediately.

Removing Afflictions

Other PCs can use their spells, feats or class abilities to assist characters in recovering from negative effects. They can also contribute consumables or credits, but are not required to. Characters can always use credits earned during the adventure to clear conditions. Condition removal purchased using AcP or credits automatically succeeds providing it is possible for it to succeed.

Reduce the credit cost to remove afflictions from a pregenerated character by:

Level 1 100 credits
Level 4 600 credits
Level 8 3,300 credits

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