Who Can Be a Game Master

Anyone with a valid Organized Play ID can run Starfinder Society adventures. Local Starfinder Society groups and the campaign as a whole benefit as the pool of Game Masters increases; the Venture-Officer network provides support and guidance for anyone who wants to GM.

Duties of a Game Master

As a Starfinder Society GM, you have the following duties:

  • Communicate with your local Event Organizer.
  • Prepare an adventure to offer to players, including gathering the necessary supplies such as maps, miniatures, and reference materials.
  • Provide a welcoming environment for players.
  • Deliver session results to the player via established recording mechanisms.
  • Report the results of the game:
    • Ask your Event Organizer what reporting process they use.
    • If you are also the Event Organizer, report games directly on the paizo.com My Organized Play page.

Where to Buy Adventures

Starfinder Society adventures, including scenarios and quests, are available for purchase at paizo.com. They are usually released during the last week of each month. Current production rates include one or two new scenarios each month, with additional Society content released periodically throughout the year. These adventures are written expressly for use in the Starfinder Society campaign.

Paizo also produces additional adventures written for more general use. See Additional Adventures for more about these products and how to use them in Paizo Organized Play.

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