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Pathfinder Remaster

The Guide to Organized Play will continue to be revised as we work to bring campaign rules in line with the Remaster.

  • Visit this Guide page for information on converting characters and adventures to the Remaster rules.
  • Follow this forum thread for update notifications and to report any issues.

Additional Character Options

For players looking to customize their characters further, there are some additional options you can consider. All of these are optional, and you can instead use the default options in Player Basics.

Advancement Speed

Players can choose before each adventure to play the scenario on slow advancement speed. This can be useful to hold the character at a level longer so that other players can catch up or just to have more hours of play. Playing an adventure on slow speed earns half the rewards of standard speed, including experience points, Reputation, gold, and Downtime days.

Downtime and Slow Speed

If using the full Downtime rules under Additional Options, you earn half the number of days. If using the abbreviated rule on the Player Basics page, roll on the table and divide the result by 2.


Before each adventure the PC can chose one of the factions to support. Any Reputation earned for Primary and Secondary success conditions that adventure is applied to that Faction. If no faction is chosen, the character earns reputation with the Horizon Hunters faction. More on Factions and the effects of reputation can be found on the Factions and Reputation Appendix.


Downtime is spent in Downtime units of up to 8 days at a time. If a character earns 8 days or fewer of Downtime, it is spent in a single unit. If they earn more than 8 days, the character spends units of 8 days, one at a time, until 8 or fewer days remain, then spends the remaining days as a single unit. Multiple different activities can occur in a single Downtime unit, but you can only ever roll once for a given activity in any given unit.

If a Chronicle is assigned but not immediately applied (see Applying Chronicles), then wait to calculate downtime until the Chronicle is applied.

Hirelings and Downtime

Hirelings can complete Downtime tasks for you, but this uses up your Downtime days. Therefore, you cannot aid them, they cannot aid you, and you cannot have your hireling do one thing while you use your Downtime days to do something else.

You can use either the hireling's skills and feats or your skills and feats. You cannot use both, except for a character's feat that modifies a hireling's abilities (Hireling Manager ), for example).

Downtime Activities

Earn Income: Earning Income PC pg. 228, CRB pg. 236Player Core page 228
Core Rulebook page 236
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is the most common Downtime activity, though it is the last option to resolve. Complete any Crafting or Retraining before beginning Earn Income checks. Players should check the DCs by Level table GMC pg. 53, CRB pg. 503GM Core page 53
Core Rulebook page 503
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to calculate the Earn Income DC.

Make one check using either the Crafting, Lore, or Performance Skill for each Earn Income Downtime Unit (including units where you complete multiple activities, such as spending 7 days retraining and then 1 day Earning Income). Some abilities or Boons allow the use of other skill checks (Bargain Hunter, for example). Task Levels for Earn Income checks equal the character's level – 2 (minimum 0), though some Boons allow checks against higher-level tasks. Compare check result to task level on the Income Earned table PC pg. 229, CRB pg. 236Core Rulebook page 236
Player Core page 229
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for the daily earning rate, then multiply that rate by the number of Downtime days used for Earn Income in the Downtime Unit. Checks to Earn Income do not carry beyond the Downtime unit In which the check was made.

Crafting: Rules for crafting equipment appear on pages 236-237 of the Player Core. Use DCs from the DCs by Level table GMC pg. 53, CRB pg. 503GM Core page 53
Core Rulebook page 503
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with the following adjustments:

A few other limitations on crafting:

  • Characters can Craft uncommon or rare items only if they have access to the applicable formulas.
  • Crafting requires that you spend 2 days in preparation before making Crafting checks (or 1 day, if you have the item's formula). Crafting tasks can be continued across as many Downtime days/units as necessary to complete the item.
  • Characters may stop crafting and pay the remainder of the Price required to finish the item at any time.
  • Only one crafting project may be started during a Downtime unit.

Retraining: Using Downtime to Retrain character options PC pg. 440, CRB pg. 481Player Core page 440
Core Rulebook page 481
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works as written with a few clarifications:

  • Some items are changeable for free, such as name, gender, appearance, or other cosmetic designators.
  • Changing a selectable class feature takes 28 days.

If characters earn enough XP to level while still in the process of retraining they can choose options legal for their new build, though the ability is unusable until the retraining is complete. An option being retrained is lost at the time the new option becomes usable.

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